Transit Maps

My favourite part of what graphic design I do is definitely the transit maps I draw.

I’ve been making them for almost a decade now, starting from soon after I learned about the Cross River Rail project here in Brisbane.

Along the way I joined RAIL Back on Track, and when RBoT put out a bus network review in late 2014 it was usually my schematic maps that accompanied the press releases.

My current showcase is the 2018 South East Queensland Rail and Busway (and Brisbane River ferry) map, which you can download as a PDF.

A few years prior I did up a fantasy map for 2031, assuming Cross River Rail completion and other projects “in the works but not yet complete”. More about that on my Tumblr. It’s cropped up in a few places since, especially after Cameron Booth was kind enough to review it! Anyway, the PDF can be found here.

In mid-2022, with Cross River Rail now well under construction, the anticipated line pairings were released. Hence, an all-new map nominally for 2025 showing not only CRR but also Gold Coast Light Rail stage 3, the latest Busway extensions and the Brisbane Metro lines.